Happy New Year's 2017 and a Sneaky Peaky

by Carl Keeley

Did someone say 2016 can just F-off now? Well it's about to peeps and we're happy to see that sucker never return lol!

So just to help rush that 'memorable for all of the wrong reasons' year out the door or down the proverbial poo chute. We thought it'd be nice to brighten and lighten the mood by sharing a sneak peek of our upcoming Brand Collection titled 'DNA'.

This collection is of and for our salon clients. It shows you what we are lucky enough to do daily here - and before you ask, yes of course these are professional models (since we do their hair of course). And yes this is everyday cuts and colours around this joint. And yes this is commercial for us. And yes we are lucky buggers. And yes we are grateful to be this blessed to do this. But that my friends isjust how we roll right!

Remember for 2017, 'Cover Bands Don't Change the World - be who You Are'. And that's in Life as well as in Hair. We can't really help with the Life part but we can sure as hell help you design your Hair look to be the best '2017 You' that you can be.

Happy New Year from the Chumba Tribe!