It's Christmas Time - aka Christmas Nuts

by Carl Keeley

It's here and as hard as we've tried to ignore it - it really has happenned, Christmas has arrived (along with Summer thank you;-).

For those looking to spruce up their follicles and strands before your family judges you along with the 'Chrissy Pav' we do have so availability remaining for our Senior Stylists in both salons. We've got some great new hairdressers onboard recently so catch them early before they get their client bases choker blocked like the big guns around here.

Slots with Art Directors and Creative Team members are on the 'rare and endangered species bulletin'. Both salon's have an active cancellation list for those wanting to roll the dice before Christmas day and that works more often than not so please have a go at that one.

Both salons are fully stocked for stocking stuffers and Gift Vouchers too. These we can arrange over the phone for all of the slackers out there (myself included).

Opening hours are as per usual in the salons as the Team decided they needed to sleep and eat like a 'normal human' - very selfish of them! But the good news is they will be alive and healthy for your next visit so that's always a bonus.

Just for fun check out this wacky bunch of scissor nerds below...