IHS Show Report - because we don't stop of course

by Carl Keeley

Dust it off and carry on - next stop the IHS Show at the Deakin Edge Theatre, Fed Square.

This one was all about the youth for us - and our collective nail biting before the show bore this out. All bar one of the Chumba Big Guns sat in the crowd and prayed our 'babies' would be up to the task on this big stage...

Need we have worried? 'AAA' Alex was in charge of this and in charge she was. From the moment she took the stage the Team surpassed our own lofty expectations and wowed the crowd.

It's one of those moments where you're so stunned, so proud and so relieved that you just can't speak. It was amazing to see our next Gen stake their claim to the future so strongly.

Well done Young Guns our future is stunning.

Thank you to our Sponsor Haircare Australia without them we can't do this stuff.

Also thank you to our friends at Giant Models, Scene Models and London Models you are all stunning