"How Big Are Your Balls?"

by Carl Keeley

It's on, hell yeah it's on...

Stevie English Hair of Sydney versus Chumba of Melbourne - how dare they think their Balls are Bigger than ours. 

For the next two months Chumba will stomp on Stevie English Hair in the biggest 'Greenie' Hair battle of the year, maybe the century.

We're both getting behind the ingenious Refoil campaign to stamp out the One Million Kilo's of Foil Australian Salons throw out every year.

It's - Sydney vs Melbourne, G-Bangers vs Gumboots, Latte's vs Low Calorie Beer, SunTan vs Fake Tan, Wetsuits vs ummm...other Wet Stuff - it's on hombre, it's on!

Every week we'll release a Foil Colour Deal so good you'll have to jump in to our Eco -War.

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 Chumba vs Stevie English - refoil battle

Chumba vs Stevie English - refoil battle