Hello Alex Newman-Sandowsky, Chumba Chapel St

by Carl Keeley

Some days you just get lucky - that day we got lucky :-) As Mr & Mrs Chumba sat in their salon one day discussing the need for another A-Player to join the awesome set of stylists @ Chapel St salon - it happened. In walks Alex - wow! Some days, some days...

Suffice to say Chumba Chapel St is rapted to offer the services of yet another Super-Star Stylist. The place is so bright we all need sunglasses and so cool we need thermal undies just to hang out there !LOL!

Stay posted for introductory deals with Alex coming out next week.

 Alex Newman-Sandowsky - Senior Stylist

Alex Newman-Sandowsky - Senior Stylist

Hi Chumba Peoples, I am a local Melbourne girl who has been hairdressing for 9yrs. I started my career in London being taught by some of the most inspirational hairdressers in the world. This is were my love and passion for hairdressing began. I am driven by education and am constantly trying to hone my skills. I love surrounding myself with other motivated and creative hairdressers who I can learn from.

I am also big on customer service and pride myself on listening to what the clients want. I am a good all rounder who loves doing bold colours and edgy cuts but also knows when a soft touch is needed....sometimes less is more. When I am not doing hair I am the ultimate social butterfly. I love food, friends and family.