Giddy Up & Get your Pony On - Spring Racing Time!

by Carl Keeley

A little bit of Summer a Little Bit of Winter - It's Spring - or at least it is every hour that starts with an odd number it's Spring. So moody of you Melbourne, make up your mind already!

Spring in Melbourne means only one thing - mating season for the locals. 

And  even though it's thinly  disguised as as a festival to celebrate horses running around a track whilst surrounded by empty Champagne bottles. We all know it's not about the Ponies. It's about getting your 'spring on'. And let's face it we not going to get any sort of attention by looking like the back end of the afore mentioned four legged diversion.

It is time to scrub up, tog up and put your best look forward in pursuit of backing a winner (yourself) to bring home the big one at the race track. 

To help you, and we do mean help you, we've got Wade 'Fashion Week Director' Blackford. If you don't collect on your 'punt' it won't be your hair at least...


 Spring Racing Fever

Spring Racing Fever